Target Campaign-Heinz and Frito

On 27 February 2012, we Occupied our Food Supply.  For the action, I discussed targeting major food manufacturers about the ingredients in their food that come from GMO sources.  I wanted to write letters to these companies, not in a mean or threatening way, but in a simple, humble, and respectful manor.  I thought, “Why don’t I simply begin by targeting one company and asking them nicely to stop using products that originate from GMO sources?”

I didn’t see how I could conquer this huge task alone.  I know that one person can make a difference, and as life continued around me, I quickly lost focus…until I read Mom-Turned-Activist Launches National Movement to Boycott GMOs on the Organics Consumer’s Association website.

I joined the facebook group GMO Free USA and posted my idea.  I began to receive a great response, so in an effort not to have the idea lost in the stream, I expanded my original thoughts on matter and which companies I thought would be best to begin a targeting action.  The following is the document that I posted at GMO Free USA.  In an effort to rally a national action for this, I am posting here, on my blog, my original ideas for this movement:

I combed through the Foods known to contain GMO and Genetically Engineered (GE) ingredients (**not a complete list**)  list, and came up with a two companies: Heinz and/or Frito Lay. My rationale is as follows:

I wanted to start with companies that had a relatively ‘small’ quantity of GMO ingredients in their foods, but were still BIG companies…a company, that if they eliminated GMO could put out good PR on it with relative ease and start a domino effect with companies who have more GMO products but are competition.

My first choice is Frito Lay simply because there is a lot of competition in the junk food world. Frito Layi has 12 known products that contain GMO ingredients. Frito also comments the following: *Frito has informed its corn and potato suppliers that the company wishes to avoid GE crops, but acknowledges that canola or other oils and ingredients in its products may be from GE sources.

Since Frito seems to be relatively aware, I thought it would be a good place to begin.

My second choice is Heinz for two reasons. 1) It is the one major brand/manufacturer of food that is producing an organic food: Heinz Organic Ketchup. They also have a BIG foothold in the ‘natural foods’ market behaving a strategic alliance with Hain Celestial who produces about 23 ‘natural’ food products. Since Heinz puts so much effort into having a few things that are ‘safe’ to eat, why not convert the the 27 items at the big box grocer, too?

Also, US Senator John Kerry is married to Teresa Heinz.

I also thought that in the letter writing campaign, that one ‘form’ letter is produced that people can cut and paste as well as modify to their needs. Letters need to be US postal service mailed and not e-mailed. Much more effective. Also, I thought it would be a good idea to send letters directly to the Board of Directors of companies…maybe with a cc to the USDA?

That’s my point of view. This document is now open for comments/a draft letter/etc.

After I draft a letter, I will post it here…then we will take it to the next level.


About Tracie L. Hellwinckel

Hi! I'm Tracie L. Hellwinckel creator of The Agrarian Urbanite. My experience in gardening education began 2000 as a Peace Corps volunteer. Since then, I've served as an AmeriCorps volunteer with Beardsley Community Farm and Habitat Urban Gardens. I sold plants at the local farmer's markets but discovered that when customers asked me questions about gardening, it was the teaching techniques and sharing of information that inspired me. Gardening Education combines my formal education (Masters Degree from the University of Tennessee in Elementary Education) and my passions, which are growing food and design. I can be reached at
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