Knoxville Permaculture Guild

resize_colorWell, we have finally done it and took the big step towards non-profit status with the Knoxville Permaculture Guild.

Chad and I started the guild in 2008 with the help of our friend Brad Wilson.  At the time, Chad hoped that by creating the guild and a network of people interested in the guild that the practice of permaculture would take root.  It did to a certain extent, but there were still many gaps.  This summer past, we decided that we either need to stop the guild entirely or take it to the next level.  Since practicing permaculture is completely ingrained in our lives, we couldn’t throw away 7 years of work, and so, here we are.

You can read all about the changes including our mission, vision, and strategy at our new website  If you would like to receive our email newsletter announcing work days, events, and potlucks visit our Contact Us page and let us know!

Hope to see you there.



About Tracie L. Hellwinckel

Hi! I'm Tracie L. Hellwinckel creator of The Agrarian Urbanite. My experience in gardening education began 2000 as a Peace Corps volunteer. Since then, I've served as an AmeriCorps volunteer with Beardsley Community Farm and Habitat Urban Gardens. I sold plants at the local farmer's markets but discovered that when customers asked me questions about gardening, it was the teaching techniques and sharing of information that inspired me. Gardening Education combines my formal education (Masters Degree from the University of Tennessee in Elementary Education) and my passions, which are growing food and design. I can be reached at
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