About the Agrarian Urbanite

The Agrarian Urbanite is a free online publication.

Since June 2009, The Agrarian Urbanite has focused on the many aspects of food including, but not limited to growing, cooking and eating it.  The Agrarian Urbanite shares discoveries, experiments, philosophies, and news about agricultural practices and happenings.

Agrarian Urbanite: a person who is interested in changing the urban landscape for local food production.  There are many who practice regenerative agriculture and many who would like to begin to practice.  Though none of us consider ourselves to be complete gurus on the subject, we have much to teach and share.

The Agrarian Urbanite is dedicated to providing practical agricultural education focused on sustainable, regenerative and organic techniques.

The Agrarian Urbanite guides and advocates for balanced, healthier and sustainable communities & neighborhoods.

The Agrarian Urbanite hopes to restore Spirit, Humankind, and Earth by being a catalyst for folks to think beyond the garden; building foundations of knowledge; and inspiring action.

You can send questions and inquiries to traciehellwinckel@gmail.com.

Everything on this site is owned by The Agrarian Urbanite.  If you would like to republish any article or part of an article (including original photographs and artwork), you must obtain written permission from The Agrarian Urbanite.

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