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Hi! I'm Tracie L. Hellwinckel creator of The Agrarian Urbanite. My experience in gardening education began 2000 as a Peace Corps volunteer. Since then, I've served as an AmeriCorps volunteer with Beardsley Community Farm and Habitat Urban Gardens. I sold plants at the local farmer's markets but discovered that when customers asked me questions about gardening, it was the teaching techniques and sharing of information that inspired me. Gardening Education combines my formal education (Masters Degree from the University of Tennessee in Elementary Education) and my passions, which are growing food and design. I can be reached at

Knoxville Permaculture Guild

Well, we have finally done it and took the big step towards non-profit status with the Knoxville Permaculture Guild. Chad and I started the guild in 2008 with the help of our friend Brad Wilson.  At the time, Chad hoped … Continue reading

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An Edible Forest; Four and Half Years Later

Way back in November of 2008, the Knoxville Permaculture Guild held a work party at a guild member’s home in west Knoxville where we planted an edible forest.  Some of the bushes and trees seemed so little an fragile, and … Continue reading

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Adventures in the KuNtRy

Many of my personal friends (about 450 of you on Facebook) know and may follow with amusement my KuNtRy sagas with burning. For those of you who don’t know, allow me to briefly bring you up to date… People in … Continue reading

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Little Farm in the Ghetto

When people visit my gardens, I feel a sense of joy when I hear, “This inspires me.  I want to to do this!”  Each time I visit fellow gardener and friend, Antoinette Juhl, on her Little Farm in the Ghetto, … Continue reading

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Target Campaign-Heinz and Frito

On 27 February 2012, we Occupied our Food Supply.  For the action, I discussed targeting major food manufacturers about the ingredients in their food that come from GMO sources.  I wanted to write letters to these companies, not in a … Continue reading

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The Pea Perspective

Picking peas taught me a valuable lesson; usually a fresh perspective will result in finding a pea.  Often, I stand at the bush searching this way and that for peas to no avail, but then I walk to the other … Continue reading

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Pond Regenerated

About a month ago I shared our pond restoration experiment in Putting Things Back; Regenerating the Pond and Woods. Yesterday morning, Easter Sunday, we finished the project by closing/filling in the berm and opening (what we think to be) the … Continue reading

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